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Oops! Perhaps Marc Ambinder Can Provide Some Facts For His Own Agitprop

I caught this little bit of Obama propaganda through ye olde Twitter, via Doug Mataconis at Outside The Beltway. Headline from Marc: Agitprop Alert: The Jones Act And The Oil Spill (ps: those who are serving a far, far left agenda should probably not be throwing around words like “agitprop“). Here is his central point […]

Gaza Jihadis Burn Down UN School

Perhaps there is a reason for that Israel/Egyptian blockade. Just think what these wackjobs could do with real materials Masked gunmen in the Gaza Strip have set fire to a United Nations-run summer camp for children. This follows a similar attack in May on another UN-run summer camp. Some militants view the UN as a […]

Texas, Arizona Governors Not Happy With Obama’s Border Plan

Once again, Los Federales are nickle and diming the security of our nation. Bush was disappointing, and Obama has continued this alarming trend The Texas and Arizona governors criticized the Obama administration’s border security plans Monday, saying not enough National Guard troops are being deployed to their states. “What we heard wasn’t anything what we […]

Atheist Billboard In Charlotte, NC Vandalized

It seems that that at least one person took exception to a certain billboard A billboard that was put up by an atheist group that purposely omitted references to God has been defaced — and had the words ‘under God’ added. The billboards were put up in Charlotte and across North Carolina the week of […]

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