Gaza Jihadis Burn Down UN School

Perhaps there is a reason for that Israel/Egyptian blockade. Just think what these wackjobs could do with real materials

Masked gunmen in the Gaza Strip have set fire to a United Nations-run summer camp for children.

This follows a similar attack in May on another UN-run summer camp.

Some militants view the UN as a symbol of the West and claim that the summer camps allow boys and girls to mix freely – something that the UN denies.

The attackers tied up the guard at the camp in central Gaza before setting fire to chairs, tables, easels and other equipment.

The UN says about 25 armed men attacked the beach camp in the middle of Sunday night.

Then again, it could be typical liberals running rampant, like we just saw in Toronto.

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3 Responses to “Gaza Jihadis Burn Down UN School”

  1. mojo says:

    Yeah, they robbed a bank too. Not much play on that either.

  2. Maggie Mama says:

    And we support the UN in this meddling! I’m tired of it all. Let’s keep our money and let the kids sit in the dirt …. separately, of course.

  3. Something interesting to consider, Obama had his only really big piece of legislation, the Global Poverty Act, denied by Congress, and even as president, he can’t get it passed.

    We do need to kick the UN out of the US. Dems love it, though, because it is full of dictators and scumbags.

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