Daily Archives: June 2, 2010

Five Reasons Gitmo Won’t Close This Year, None Of Them Obama’s Fault

Hey, ABC News has to do something to make it seem as if Obama’s first act in office (signing an order to close Guantanamo Bay) wasn’t a total shame, lie, and bone to the hard left Sixteen months after the Obama administration ordered the closure of the U.S. military detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, […]

Gov. Brewer Says “Bring It On, President Unprecedented!”

Usually, hyper-partisan Chicago Way politicians like Obama and Eric Holder think they can get away with their intimidation tactics, but, not everyone backs down to the mafia Bring it on. That’s the attitude Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is taking toward the possibility that the Obama administration could file a legal challenge to her state’s immigration […]

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