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Latest Lefty Palin Meme: Did She Get A Boob Job?

Proof once again that Palin scares the mule fritters out of the Left, starring Wonkette, consistently known for being the Star Magazine of the blogosphere We got a political news tip on our Facebook page from Wonkette operative “Laura,” and it goes like this: “Sarah Palin 12/09 no boobs http://bit.ly/bmQtPJ #Sarah Palin today, Instant boobage! […]

Legal Case For Globull Warming About What You’d Expect

If you expected it to be about as solid as a sewer water, yeah, that’s about right A cross examination of global warming science conducted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Law and Economics has concluded that virtually every claim advanced by global warming proponents fail to stand up to scrutiny. The cross-examination, carried […]

Insurance Company The First Victim Of ObamaCare

Sadly, expect more and more of this, which goes right along with what the ObamaCare supporters and legislators actually want A Virginia-based insurance company says “considerable uncertainties” created by the Democrats’ health care overhaul will force it to close its doors by the end of the year. The firm, nHealth, appears to be the first […]

Survey Shows That On Economics, Those On The Left Are Idiots

Yes, I know, you’re shocked. How could this be? Over at the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Klein tells us why Liberals/Progressives are not smarter than a 5th grader Who is better informed about the policy choices facing the country—liberals, conservatives or libertarians? According to a Zogby International survey that I write about in the May […]

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