Washington Post Concerned With Arizona’s Image

More than half this “news article” could have come straight from the DNC, as the post attempts to tell us all these bad things about the Arizona anti-illegal immigrant legislation: Arizona leaders lament as state’s image takes beating with new immigration law

When state Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D) travels outside Arizona, she hears the same question over and over: “What’s wrong with your state?” She notes Arizona’s new immigration law, its ban on ethnic studies classes and its prohibition on creating animal-human hybrids.

Wait, people have problems with creating animal-human hybrids? And, by people, I mean those on the Left, of course. We knew they were bat-guano crazy, but, that one takes the cake.

The other day, Sinema sent a note to her Twitter followers that might as well have been accompanied by a heavy sigh. “Just one day,” she tweeted, “I’d like Arizona to be in the news for something good.”

Perhaps if liberals/Democrats stood up for law and order, the media, which is mostly comprised of liberals/Democrats, would print good news. Most of the country feels that the law is good news.

Arizona finds itself at the vortex of an immigration debate that is increasingly bitter and, figures on both sides say, increasingly unwinnable. Opinions are split, with fear of harassment rising among Hispanics and worry about an economic boycott growing among the state’s leaders.

Split? I’ll get to that, as will the Post. Meanwhile, the fear is being stoked by those who are against law and order, particularly the media, which constantly prints hysteria laced news reports, like this one. As for the split, way down in the article

In Arizona and beyond, the law has many supporters. A CBS News poll last month found that 52 percent of respondents nationally think the Arizona law is “about right” in its handling of illegal immigrants. Seventeen percent said it does not go far enough. Twenty-eight percent said the law goes too far.

They couldn’t have found a newer poll? How about

Two-thirds of Americans – 66 percent — would rather see stricter enforcement of immigration laws than offering illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

Even 50% of ultra-liberal Californians support the Arizona law. People around the country want an Arizona style law in their state. 58% say no citizenship for children of illegals born in the USA. And 70% want a crackdown on those who hire illegals. Perhaps, instead of pushing the “oh, noes, something might possibly sorta kinda maybe happen” DNC meme, the media could actually wait till something happens. Dealing with things that have actually happened makes it news, vs opinion.

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  1. David says:

    The politicians say they want the Hispanic vote. That is fine except that they are loosing everyone else. Does that make sense to you?

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