Shocker! Benefit-less Jobs On The Rise

Anyone think the crazy insane legislation and positions of the Obama administration and elected Democrats could have anything to do with this?

Jobs may be coming back, but they aren’t the same ones workers were used to. (yeah, they’re mostly short term government work. Sorry, just typing out loud.)

Many of the jobs employers are adding are temporary or contract positions, rather than traditional full-time jobs with benefits. With unemployment remaining near 10%, employers have their pick of workers willing to accept less secure positions.

In 2005, the government estimated that 31% of U.S. workers were already so-called contingent workers. Experts say that number could increase to 40% or more in the next 10 years.

Why would employers want to hire employees they have to either give health benefits to or pay a fine on? Quite a bit smarter to make them temporary or contract workers. CNN eventually gets around to it

Health care reform legislation passed earlier this year, which will create a mandate for employers to provide health benefits for employees but not contractors, will also feed the trend.

“Once you have an employer mandate in place, you create an incentive for employers to get around that mandate,” said Susan Houseman, a senior economist studying labor issues at the W.E. Upjohn Institute.

I’d wonder if the Democrats will fix the health legislation monstrosity to address this, and consider contract/temporary workers as having to be covered, but, then, they would actually have to read the bill to know if it covers them.

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