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It Takes All Kinds Of noroM’s

Seal 1 – Human 0 A woman has sued the Brookfield Zoo in a slip and fall case that she claims started with the dolphins. In the complaint, Allecyn Edwards states that the zoo “recklessly and willfully trained and encouraged the dolphins to throw water at the spectators in the stands making the floor wet […]

Have An Awesome Hump Day (18 Photos)

Today’s “Isn’t Government Run Health Grrrrrrreat!” Stories

While Obama and the Donkeys are working on ways to “go it alone,” meaning, “forget those troublesome Republicans, we need to spend our time wacking our Blue Dogs,” I wonder what is going on in the Wonderful World Of Single Payer? A young mother gave birth on a pavement outside a hospital after she was […]

Berserker Wednesday: Howard Dean And The Evil Ice Cream Man

It seems that every time Howard Dean shows up on the national stage, there is an impulse to tell him “dude, chill. You are losing you mind.” But, then, everyone reflects for a second or two and realizes that happened long ago. He’s like your Mom’s brother, who never got married and shows up every […]

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