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Aside: Vanessa Hudgens Nude Again

Dirty Rotten Whore (NSFW): Vanessa Hudgens Personal Picks, Nude Again

Obama’s Grades

Check out how Obama and the Democrats were graded at that vast right wing conspiracy site, CNN, via Van Helsing at Right Wing News/Moonbattery. Make sure to cast your own vote!

AGW Consensus Dying Hard In Germany

A long letter from more than 60 German scientists and 189 concerned German citizens, via Climate Depot Grob Glienicke 26.07.09 To the attention of the Honorable Madam Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany When one studies history, one learns that the development of societies is often determined by a zeitgeist, which at times had detrimental or even […]

DU Thread of The Day: What Birthers Really Want To Say Outloud

And people call Birthers crazy? scheming daemons The brutal bottom line on the “birthers” that nobody wants to say out loud They won’t stop until Obama is murdered. The “birther” angle is just part of the larger “marxist, anti-american, usurper, tea party, take-our-country-back, ‘wolverines!’” angle. They cannot, will not, accept Barack Obama as their President. […]

Change That Doesn’t Happen: Obama Continues Bush Illegals Policies

Oh, the pain at the New York Times today. They aren’t quite sure how to spin the story, but, they give it the old Manhattan cocktail circuit try After early pledges by President Obama that he would moderate the Bush administration’s tough policy on immigration enforcement, his administration is pursuing an aggressive strategy for an […]

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