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Say, How’s That Obama Promise To New Orleans Working?

‘Memba this? Though his first promise in office is to work on the economy, President Barack Obama vowed on his new Web site this week to deliver on an old promise: Rebuild Louisiana. (snip) On his new White House Web site, Obama vows to “keep the broken promises made by President Bush to rebuild New […]

Tuesday Awesome (16 Photos)

BTW, someone dropped me an email wondering if the picture was meant to be a dead puppy. No. The puppy was actually rescued by some troops in Iraq, and the cute little tyke is simply sleeping. Originally from the UK Times.

President Sparky Hoses AARP, Helps Conservative Group

Hey, remember all the times Obama said that AARP has endorsed his health care plan (well, really, the Congressional Democrats health care plans, since Obama basically outsourced the whole thing to them)? Saying that “they were onboard,” despite the fact that, while they endorse health care reform to reduce costs (just like most of us do,) […]

Obama BC Debate: Born In 1957 When Hawaii Was A Territory?

I’ve said before, many, many times, that I enjoy the basic debate over Obama’s BC. The debate where I wonder what is on it, since he and other Democrats are fighting so hard to keep from releasing it. I have also stated that I believe he is a natural born US citizen till proven otherwise. […]

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