Daily Archives: August 8, 2009

ACLU: That Fishy Email Thing Ain’t No Big Deal

You just have to trust Barry, cause he is just so cute and fuzzy! The ACLU said in a statement to FOXNews.com that the White House blog is a “bad idea that could send a troublesome message.” But the organization added, “While it is unclear at this point what the government is doing with the […]

Small Brad Miller Get Together Turns Into A Tea Party

Poor Brad Miller, he of the “I was threatened by one nut so I won’t hold the town halls I wasn’t going to have anyhow” thought he was home free, alas….. The health-care debate spilled onto the streets of Raleigh on Friday, with more than 600 people picketing the office of Democratic Congressman Brad Miller, […]

Nanny State Monitoring And Taxing Your Vehicle Travel Gets Closer

Usually, I take stories at World Net Daily with a big grain of salt, and sometimes, aspirin, but, this one points to the next possible Nanny State adventure, something that has been kicked around in Los Federales world, as well as in state government world An Oregon congressman says he wants to test having a […]

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