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Saturday Random Awesome (17 Photos)

Washington Post Notices Obama Tax Pledges Might Get Broken

I’d probably be a bit more impressed if this was published during the week, instead of a Saturday During last year’s campaign, President Obama vowed to enact a bold agenda without raising taxes for the middle class, a pledge budget experts viewed with skepticism. Since then, a severe recession, massive deficits and a national debt […]

Imagine If Chappaquiddick Happened With Todays Media

This is the kind of insane, deranged, un-blanking-believable completely unhinged├é┬átype of progressive claptrap that makes me want to break out in Ace type language over this Eric Zorn Chicago Tribune story: How wall-to-wall Chappaquiddick would have changed history — for the worse Of course every network would have had special logos featuring bridges, water, wrecked […]

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