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The Point Of A Public Option Is To Create Competition?

Only in Liberal World, which is about as divorced from reality as Disney World is (but, without all the fun, laughter, and good times), could you get a quote like this (Senator Chucky) Schumer (D-NY) said that Obama isn’t backing away from the public option. “I believe at the end of the day we’ll have […]

Monday – You Need Some Motivation (21 Photos)

Next Envirowacko Scare Threat – Reduction Of Oxygen

And, guess who is at fault? New research shows oxygen depletion in the atmosphere has been accelerating since 2003, coinciding with the biofuels boom. Yup, Mankind. The Institute of Science in Society (SiS) which published the research says that climate policies that focus exclusively on carbon sequestration could be disastrous for all oxygen-breathing organisms including […]

Justice Dept. Recommends Prosecuting CIA Employees

Not shocking in the least. The hard left progressives have been foaming at the mouth to investigate and prosecute CIA employees, along with Bush and people from his administration, of course. So, what are we now getting from the same Justice Dept. that decided to drop a slam dunk case against members of the New […]

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