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Big Bottomed Girls Safer From Hip Injuries

Bubble butts rejoice! (and, before I get outrage, I could stand to lose about 20, and I tend to accumulate it in my butt) A major decline in the proportion of Canadians suffering hip fractures may be partly due to people weighing more and having bigger buttocks, researchers say. The additional weight provides more cushioning […]

Thursday Consequences (20 Photos)

Surprise! There’s A Cash For Clunkers Tax

Today’s theme is brought to you by the word “consequences.” When dealing with Democrats/liberals/progressives, there are always consequences, the majority of which were never considered when calling for and/or implementing legislation/plans. Another case in point (h/t Blogs For Victory) The Cash For Clunkers program is adding to the activity at treasurers’ offices all around South […]

In The Fight Against AGW, There Are Always Consequences

Simply shocking that there would be consequences, eh? More forests, deserts and grasslands in the U.S. will be used to produce energy under a proposal to cap greenhouse gases, an unintended consequence of efforts to fight global warming, according to a Nature Conservancy report. A bill that boosts energy from wind turbines and biofuels will […]

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