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Uh Oh. Secret DNA Test Proves Silke Pony Is Baby Daddy

So far, the National Enquirer has been dead on regarding this story. Anyone want to make a bet whether this one is true, too? (h/t Ace, though I am using a different source) According to the National Enquirer, former North Carolina senator and two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has secretly undergone a DNA test, […]

Evil Right Wing Plot Poisons Arugula!

Will the Secret Service be paying a call on these German grocers? As first reported by news magazine Der Spiegel this week, the customer in Hannover discovered a 150 gramme package of rocket, also called arugula, contained senecio, which is commonly known as ragwort or Greiskraut in German. The poisonous plant found across the country […]

What’s The Latest Cost Of The Climate Change Scare-a-thong?

Here’s the United Nations Cutting greenhouse-gas emissions to slow global warming and adapting to impacts such as droughts and rising sea levels are likely to cost about $300 billion a year, the top UN climate change official said. Yvo de Boer also told Reuters on Tuesday, on the sidelines of Aug. 10-14 UN climate talks […]

Obama’s Health Scare Fest Not Even Front Page News At Grey Lady

While other papers may have run the story on Obama’s heavily scripted health system change town hall on the front page of the print and Internet, the Paper of Record, the New York Times, just can’t muster the fortitude to give him the coverage, instead, burying it on page A14. I guess even the cheerleaders […]

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