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Obligatory “Obama’s Fighting Against Obama’s Own Words” Post

By now, you’ve probably heard about and watched the dueling video’s regarding Obama on government health service (again, I refuse to use the word care in the discussion anymore.) First up there is the video found regarding what Obama has actually stated about what he wants to see happen vis-a-vis single payer, featured at The […]

Aside: Trashing Constituents

Betsy’s Page: Trashing Constituents

Aside: Lefties Obsessed With Birtherism

Little Green Footballs 2.0: Progressive Blogs obsessed with Obama Birth Certificate

Aside: Michelle Obama Lowering Unemployment Rate

The Jawa Report: Michelle Obama Trying To Lower Unemployment Rate All By Herself

In Pain? Forget Pain Killing Shots Under Government Health Care

During the August recess, I’d love to have everyone ask their Congress Critters, at least Democrat ones, as they are leading the charge to a government run single payer health – using the word “care” just doesn’t seem right - system, one question, and make them answer: “how will this plan reduce costs?” I suspect that the […]

Tax Cheat Geithner Blows A Gasket At Regulators Meeting

Very interesting story regarding what Timmy Geithner did and said last Friday. Memeorandum picked up the Wall Street Journal version, but, I’m going to use the Reuters version because the on-line version of the WSJ story is a paid for one, so you can only get the first couple paragraphs (I did real the whole thing […]

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