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10 Awesome Photos

Left Freaking Out Over Whole Foods, Offers Boycott

Back on August 11th, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey had an opinion piece in ye olde Wall Street Journal, outlining his ideas on health care reform, most of which make pretty darned good sense, and will help keep the industry out of government hands. Ideas such as Remove the legal obstacles that slow the creation […]

Surprise! Global Warming Data Missing From CRU

Or, as The Register puts it “Global Warming Ate My Data” The world’s source for global temperature record admits it’s lost or destroyed all the original data that would allow a third party to construct a global temperature record. The destruction (or loss) of the data comes at a convenient time for the Climatic Research […]

NY Times Says Obama Astroturf Org. Fails To Ignite

All is not well in Obama astroturf land At her home on Tom Sawyer Road here the other night, Bonnie Adkins agreed to begin spreading the word that President Obama’s embattled health care plan needed help. Ms. Adkins, who for the past two years devoted hundreds of hours helping Mr. Obama get to the White […]

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