Daily Archives: August 11, 2009

Scareforce 1 FOIA Request Received

Way, way, way back I put in Freedom of Information Act to get the passenger manifest for the Scareforce 1 flight that buzzed Manhattan, scaring the daylights out people all over the NY Metro area. The disk the Air Force sent me includes all 146 photos, and, considering the height at which the plane was […]

HCToday: Democracy Is Sick, Woops, A New Anti-Public Option Poll

Ezra Klein is seemingly all over the map with his latest post It Is Democracy, Not Health-Care Reform, That Is Sick. Too start with As Josh Marshall says, we’ve reached a point in the health-care reform discussion where logic has fallen apart. Consider, for instance, Danielle Allen’s op-ed this morning. Discussing the insistence of some […]

More Real Grassroots Folks Launch Real Grassroots AGW Movement

Or not. Al Gore gets all “hey, we’re going to launch this big advocacy movement through my Climate Project organization where I personally train 2,600 “volunteers” to parrot talking points to get people all scared and upset and purchase lots of carbon credits and come see my speeches which make me lots of money….. what? […]

Say, About Obama’s Mandate To Implement Single Payer…..

One of the talking points we keep hearing from Democrat talking heads and other sheeple is that Obama was overwhelmingly elected along with a mandate to completely change the health system. Of course, he only beat McCain 53% to 46%. So, does this Rasmussen poll mean there is even more of a mandate to NOT […]

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