Small Brad Miller Get Together Turns Into A Tea Party

Poor Brad Miller, he of the “I was threatened by one nut so I won’t hold the town halls I wasn’t going to have anyhow” thought he was home free, alas…..

The health-care debate spilled onto the streets of Raleigh on Friday, with more than 600 people picketing the office of Democratic Congressman Brad Miller, decrying his support for the president’s health-care proposal.

The crowd, intense but not unruly, turned sedate, tree-lined St. Mary’s Street into political theater with signs such as “Hands off My Health Care,” and “God Forgive Them, They May not Know They are Helping Traitors,” and “Right Wing Organizer.” One man held up an empty suit on a pole.

In North Carolina, the picketers had been pressing Miller, a strong supporter of the president’s plan, to hold a town hall meeting on health care. Miller would agree only to meet with a delegation of nine people in his district office for 50 minutes.

“It was disappointing,” said Cheryl Handy of Cary, a critic of Obama’s health-care plan, who organized the meeting. “He was very defensive. He didn’t seem to take us seriously.”

Of course he didn’t. You either get with the elected Democrats plans, or, you just don’t matter. This is what we are seeing all over the country and in the halls of Congress.

Alas, I was not there. I had heard about the tiny meeting Miller was supposed to have (he is the elected critter for my district here in NC, but, I can’t actually say he represents us. He rarely meets with anyone other than big donors), but, hadn’t heard about the demonstration. Tar Heel Pundit was there, and has lots and lots of photos

Much more, including video’s, at Randy’s Right. Randy points out that the protest permit was only for 50 people. Woops.

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