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Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! A gorgeous day in America, makes me happy with all this global warming stuff. This pinup us by Greg Hildebrant, with a wee bit of help. So, what is happening in ye olde blogosphere? Say, did the NY Times scold Clinton for bowing to royalty? Why, yes they did, writes Ed Morrissey Michelle […]

Obama Cool With U.K. Talking To Hezbollah

I’m sure this is something that he himself wants to do: ‘US OK with UK’s overture to Hizbullah’ The Obama administration is “comfortable” with the British government’s attempts to engage Hizbullah, a senior British diplomat asserts. Britain likens the attempt to engage Hizbullah, launched quietly this year, to London’s outreach to political leaders of the […]

It’s Bush’s Fault For Millions Losing Money In Their Pensions

Remember the good old days, when newspapers could get away with spinning the news and no one could call them on it? Ah, those were the days before the rise of the Internet(s), when liberals owned whatever they wanted to make news, and none would be the wiser. Case in point Shortly before the first […]

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