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Aside: Biden Goes Liar

Michelle Malkin: Bozo The VP Strikes Again

Reversing AGW Is Not The Point?

The New Republic attempts to take George Willto task for failing to follow the AGW kool aid line, but, in the course of failing to actually rebut Will, Jonathan Chait lets slip a dirty secret First of all, nobody says that reducing carbon emissions will “reverse” global warming. The point is merely to slow the […]

Could Embryonic Stem Cells Cure Deafness?

This should give hope to the folks who back the use of ESCs Scientists have announced a “major breakthrough” in attempts to find a cure for deafness after the cells vital for hearing were grown in a laboratory. Early versions of the sensory hair cells and the brain cells that enable hearing have been made […]

Obama Tax Increases: We Hate To Tell You We Told You So, Obama Voters…

But, you know, we told you so, and even the Associated Press is not able to keep their hopeNchange enthusiasm with this story One of President Barack Obama’s campaign pledges on taxes went up in puffs of smoke Wednesday. The largest increase in tobacco taxes took effect despite Obama’s promise not to raise taxes of […]

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