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Today’s “Gosh, Socialize Medicine Is Blindingly Crummy” Story

From, where else, one of those countries that those who love socialized/nationalized medicine and healthcare think is supa-wonderful: WOMEN MAY GO BLIND BECAUSE SHE LIVES IN WRONG AREA Lesley Fletcher, 55, has been prescribed a vital drug by her consultant but her local NHS Trust has refused to pay for it – despite the drug […]

Earth Day 2009

That says it all. Do something for the environment today. Pick up some trash. Plant something. Recycle that used cup from the coffee house or that bottle. Donate to a favorite Earth friendly charity (I’m going to make my yearly donation to Save The Manatees in a bit, as well as a clean ocean foundation.) And, […]

Aside: The Other McCain On Blog War

The Other McCain: David Weigel Reports On LGF (this is a bit about a brewing blog war)

Obama Is Still Good For Gun And Ammo Sales

Looks like lots of those Extreme Right Wing Extremists are a bit concerned about the Democrats in the halls of power taking away 2nd Amendment Rights. WRAL: Guns, ammo sales are on the rise Some gun owners say a fear of tighter gun control has caused a recent surge of gun and ammunition sales. “People […]

CIA Confirms That Waterboarding Produced High Value Information

You know what’s really amazing? That we have to have this conversation over a technique performed on three Al Qaeda members over 6 years ago, because those on the Left are still stuck on stupid. CIA Confirms: Waterboarding 9/11 Mastermind Led to Info that Aborted 9/11-Style Attack on Los Angeles The Central Intelligence Agency told […]

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