Daily Archives: April 18, 2009

Iran Clones Sex Education Tool

As the headline at Fark stated, if they clone a camel, they can combine sex ed and drivers ed into one class Iranian scientists have cloned a goat and plan future experiments they hope will lead to a treatment for stroke patients, the leader of the research said Wednesday. The female goat, named Hana, was […]

Oh, Noes! Tea Parties Failed, Per HuffPo

I find it truly funny that the Left is so scared by the TEA Parties. They are out there saying they are “carefully orchestrated by Republican think tanks, funded by large corporations, and advertised by none other than Fox News.” They’re misconstruing what the purpose was, either because they just don’t get it, or intentionally […]

How’s That Federally Funded ESC Research Going?

Mixed bag: Some Stem Cell Research Limits Lifted The Obama administration announced Friday that it planned to lift some but not all federal financing restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research, drawing criticism both from abortion opponents and from scientists who had expected a more liberal policy. Guidelines proposed by the National Institutes of Health […]

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