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I’m A Proud Right Wing Extremist

Are you? Nice little sidebar icon. Steal me. More: Big Dog tells us why he is a RWE (via the TB from GM) And speaking of RWE’s, Michelle Malkin tells us how the whole Tea Party movement started.

Hell Of A Job With North Korea, President Neophyte

If only Obama hadn’t taken his eye off the ball with North Korea, had told Pyongyang he was interested in unilateral negotions, had listened to what North Korea had to say instead of isolating them from the world community, we might not have had North Korea go down a route which reflects the failure of […]

Aside: TOM On Bush Blaming

The Other McCain: Bush Blaming Alive And Well At HuffPo

Aside: Gateway Pundit On Illinois Stimulus

Gateway Pundit: CHANGE!… Illinois Snags 1 Out of 9 Stimulus Dollars For Road/Bridge Projects

Aside: Michelle Malkin On DHS

Michelle Malkin: Confirmed: The Obama DHS hit job on conservatives is real

Aside: Macsmind

Macsmind: Right Wingers were Right about Obama’s Lack of Action

Aside: Jules Crittenden And The Bloodthirsty Left

Jules Crittenden on the Lefts new bloodthirstyness

Columbus Day Gone At Brown U.

Liberalism, political correctness, and stupidity on the march Brown University is taking the “Columbus Day” out of Columbus Day weekend. The Ivy League school’s faculty voted Tuesday to establish a new academic holiday in October called “Fall Weekend.” The long weekend coincides with Columbus Day. Hundreds of Brown students had asked the Providence school to stop […]

Gallup Poll Apparently Says Us Teabaggers Are Out Of Touch (?)

So says one of the leading Nutroots voices at MyDD I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed that I’ve been blogging a lot lately about how out of touch the right-wing is with mainstream public opinion. There is a consensus in this country of support for our president as well as his agenda that is driven […]

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