Gallup Poll Apparently Says Us Teabaggers Are Out Of Touch (?)

So says one of the leading Nutroots voices at MyDD

I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed that I’ve been blogging a lot lately about how out of touch the right-wing is with mainstream public opinion. There is a consensus in this country of support for our president as well as his agenda that is driven by the opinions of Democrats and Independents. Republicans are increasingly out of touch and dwindling in numbers and influence.

As we approach tax day on Wednesday, which is also the culmination of the great right wing “grassroots” Tea Party movement, Gallup has a new poll out that shows that the country is actually quite sanguine about the amount of taxes they are paying.

Todd Beaton goes on to say he doesn’t really know what the Tea Parties are all about, and mentions something about the largest middle class tax cut evah! So, is a progressive finally acknowledging Bush’s tax cuts being for the middle class, or, is he claiming that the cut is Obama’s $13 a week ($8 next year) savings?

Anyhow, the gist of the poll shows that 48% of respondents think the taxes they pay are about right. But, hold on there, Todd, because 46% think they pay too much in taxes, and only 3% think taxation is too low. So, for a Party and Base that thinks raising taxes (always on another group other then the one they are in) is the cats meow, I rather think that the poll shows YOU are out of touch with mainstream America. Matter of fact, only 3% of Democrats think taxes are too low. Can I get a big WOOPS! on that one?

Perhaps President Obama and the Democrat Congress should take note of this poll, since Democrats love polls so much. So far, the “Bush tax cuts” are scheduled to expire in 2010, and the higher rates will kick in in 2011. If they do nothing, the rates will be the same as in 2001. Compare that with 2009. The capital gains rates are set to go up, as well. So, President Obama, what will you do to make sure that 95% of tax payers get a tax cut? What about your promise that the tax rate will only go up on those making $250,000 and higher? We will remember, you know. Elephants never forget. And you can’t stick those promises in a dark memory whole and think they will go away.

BTW, it is so funny that so many on the Left smear the Tea Parties, yet do not even understand what they are about. I guess the point of them is too black and white, and the Left only sees shades of grey. The Kosbats do not get it, nor what the poll says. Same with the commenter’s at Think Progress. PERRspectives is clueless on taxation, and manages to blame Bush for tax cheats. Remind me, which Party had what, 6-8 tax cheats nominated recently?

Soren Dayton at Red State points out that 40% of the people do not even pay income taxes, an all time high, so, what is the point of their opinion?

And let’s not forget that many states and municipalities are looking to raise taxes. And many are looking to implement cap and trade.

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7 Responses to “Gallup Poll Apparently Says Us Teabaggers Are Out Of Touch (?)”

  1. manbearpig says:

    Per the previous post last week (becaue I have a dirty mind) you may not want to be known as a “teabagger” p-(

  2. manbearpig says:

    But seriously, I think this will, assuming they rallies are covered by the MSM and not just Fox News, highlight the need for tax reform in this country. If it is all about “fairness”, how can BO claim it is fair for someone to pay ‘x’ amount in tax while someone else pays nothing?

    I think the rallies are more about trying to redefine to the Republican base that they are supposed to be the party of less spending, and less government intrusion. The Bush presidency and the Republican Congress (when they were in control) had forgotten that they are supposed to represent that (which is also why McCain lost IMO).

  3. Excellent points on both, MBP.

    I will be interested to see coverage. I contacted some folks at WRAL and The News And Observer in Raleigh, to ask if they would cover tomorrow’s protests like they did the liberal ones over the weekend. They were tepid.

  4. John Ryan says:

    NO COVERAGE ?? when will the right stop being the victims of MSM ? If only there were some way to force media to give equal coverage instead of them only thinking about profits.

  5. Duncan says:

    Over at Ace of Spades HQ, a poster made the observation that about 38 percent of Americans pay no income tax, and 10% pay a minuscule amount, so ofcourse 48% of Americans are happy with the current level of taxation.

  6. How much coverage was there, John? Not much. Some of the media didn’t even bother mentioning till tuesday.

    I was surprised that only 3% wanted to raise taxes, Duncan. You would think Dems would want them to go up, wouldn’t ya? 😕 😉

  7. Jerry in Detroit says:

    The whole polling process has been so abused that if the legacy media says a poll shows one thing, one can safely assume the opposite is true.

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