Daily Archives: April 7, 2009

Illegal Alien Sentenced For Sex Trafficking

But, hey, Congress and President, let’s give these folks a pathway to citizenship An illegal immigrant has been sentenced to 24 years in prison after prosecutors say he trafficked two teenage girls in North Carolina to perform sex acts. Prosecutors said testimony from Tuesday’s sentencing hearing found that 44-year-old Jorge Flores-Rojas trafficked a 16-year-old girl […]

Pigs Used To Test Armor. When Will PETA Freak?

There’s other more serious stuff out there, like how much AGW policy will cost, and the jury still being out on AGW (the author gets slammed in the comments for being and investment banker, instead of being a climatologist like Al Gore, James Hansen, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Ban Moon-ki, Diane Feinstein, Leonardo Dicaprio, IPCC […]

So, What Has Obama Done On The International Stage?

So, I was having a discussion over at Blogs For Victory regarding Obama the Divider, and was told that Bush was a disaster on the international stage, while Obama has been a success. Oh, really? Let’s check the score card for Obama Getting NATO allies to help out in Afghanistan? Fail. Both Merkel and Sarkozy […]

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