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Here’s Your “CO2 Is Baaaaaad!” President, Believers

What do you think of this behavior? Chris Sommers, owner of a pizza place in St. Louis, gets orders from all over town. But from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C.? “It’s surreal, it’s a huge honor,” says Sommers, 33, who flew to the nation’s capital Thursday to make 20 pizzas for the Obama family […]

Aside: 50 Greatest Boob Products

Manofest: The 50 Greatest Boob Products of All Time

Aside: Eco Friendly Pizza

Michelle Malkin: Environmentally-friendly restaurant delivers pizza 800 miles for ‘green’ president

Socialized Medicine Today: Kids, Rotten Teeth, Hospitals

A view of the future of Democrats get their way here in the US of A Increasing numbers of young children, particularly from poor areas, are being taken into hospital to have rotten teeth removed, according to research by academics published today. While children’s teeth are in general better than in the past owing to […]

ASU Says Obama To Inexperienced For An Honorary Degree

Starting your day off with Teh Funny (how did it start where Interwebers wrote the Teh?) Arizona State: Obama unready for degree President Barack Obama may be delivering a commencement address at Arizona State University this Spring – one of three campuses where the president will send off the graduating classes of 2009 – but […]

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