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Video Of The UNC Protest

FYI, I want to point out the the great video of the 2nd protest at UNC was taken by Mike at Redemptive Tobacco. Check it out and the accompanying story.

New Guidelines On Enchanced Interrogation Techniques

1. Serve breakfast orange juice made from concentrate. (Three breakfast maximum) 2. Limit the use of the Wii device to the bowling game. (Maximum one week) Read the rest at Parkway Rest Stop. (h/t Cassandra)

Larry Summers Snoozes During Meeting With Credit Card Execs

Will anyone at Think Progess comment that he should sleep forever or be shot in the face? Summers Caught a-Snoozin’ Americans may be struggling to pay their credit card debt. But for Larry Summers, President Obama’s chief economic adviser, the issue is apparently a snooze. Mr. Summers was caught dozing in a Roosevelt Room meeting […]

Aside: Obama The Scarecrow

Don Surber: Obama The Scarecrow

Aside: UNC Values

The Other McCain: UNC Values

Aside: UNC Speech Stiflers

Michelle Malkin: More speech-stiflers at UNC-Chapel Hill

Aside: Right Wing News

Right Wing News: 25 More Classic Conservative Quotes

Aside: Sister Toldjah On Far Left Outing

Sister Toldjah: Far left: “Outing” CIA agent is bad, exposing CIA interrogation tactics that save lives is good

Blog War On Sith Lords

Hmm, should I declare blog war or not? I mean, the fact that I agree with The Jawas most of the time is not relevant. Star Wars or Pirates? or Don’t make me send Nancy Pelosi after you guys. Surrender Han Solo’s reward for rescuing Princess Lea now! Because it is about the hit count, […]

John Kerry Says Time Is Ticking On Climate Change Legislation

There are several other fun stories out there, such as Hillary threatening to put Iran in timeout, Janet Napolitano blaming Canada for the 9/11 terrorists, and mobile phones getting a bit out of control, but nothing could be more fun this Thursday that Senator Waffles wading in to the climate change legislation issue Senator John […]

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