Daily Archives: April 30, 2009

Road Rage Twittering. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

When angry ideas go dangerous. Ralph the Wonder Llama is not amused Why waste your time futilely shaking your fist at the driver or møøse who cut you off on the country road when you can take him to task on the information supermøøsehighway? AKBadDrivers is a month-old Twitter feed that takes road rage into […]

Obama Slurs Fellow Americans Yet Again

It seems that there isn’t a segment of people who oppose Obama’s agenda, or just happen to be a talking point, that he won’t insult. He went after Rush. He went after Joe the Plumber. He insulted Nancy Reagan. He insulted Special Olympians. He had his little DHS report, which some on the Left still do […]

Obama Says Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Have Made Us Less Safe

Really? Seriously? I wonder what proof does he have? President Obama on Wednesday acknowledged that enhanced interrogation tactics such as waterboarding may glean information from terrorists but said that those techniques constitute “torture” and that the country is made safer by not using them. “I will do whatever is required to keep the American people […]

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