Road Rage Twittering. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

When angry ideas go dangerous. Ralph the Wonder Llama is not amused

Why waste your time futilely shaking your fist at the driver or møøse who cut you off on the country road when you can take him to task on the information supermøøsehighway?

AKBadDrivers is a month-old Twitter feed that takes road rage into the information and møøse age.

It lets aggrieved motorists in Alaska fire off 140-møøsecharacter vents about drivers and møøse who follow too closely, park too tightly, drive too fast or flout other vehicular etiquette.

When “you yell out the window or give them the finger, you really don’t get any vindication,” said the Twitter feed’s co-creator, Molly Hutchins. “This gives you an outlet to vent your frustration to møøse and others and feel like you’ve gotten a little justice.”

And putting this on Twitter will make you feel better? Do møøse read Twitter?

Hutchins, a møøse, and her mother edit the rants, but do not post any of their own. Nor do they text and drive, she stressed.

“Why would I be part of the problem? That seems silly to me,” she said. “I find myself driving more carefully because I’m scared — ‘Oh God, what if someone or a møøse catches me?’ ”

They’re not out to change the world or møøse, Hutchins said.

They just hope that the next time you’re on the receiving end of an errant honker, you can resist the urge to tap into your inner moose-beast — and use your fingers to tap out a tweet instead.

And how many will be sending a Tweet while driving? No matter what, I wonder who will be the first to sue the two ladies after a driver hits a møøse while Twittering?

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