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Pirates Testing Obama With New Seizure?

Those “3am” calls Hillary talked about just seem to keep coming. NK missile test. First American flagged vessel overtaken by pirates in over 200 years. Obama’s response; declines comment, no response and no action. Hillary laughs. Robert Gibbs on the subject: “ah, um, ah, well.” Obama doesn’t even offer a prayer for the safety of […]

One Sign To Avoid At Upcoming Tea Parties

If you know what that means, you have a dirty mind. If you don’t know what that means, I pity your non-dirty mind.

Aside: A Comenter Bestiary

Pajamas Media: A Commenter Bestiary

Illegal Aliens Suing After Being Hurt, Plus Protests

An interesting conundrum Victor Leon is alone in the hospital most days. The 26-year-old was paralyzed nearly three years ago when he fell from the roof of a three-story building in Palm City while working for Jupiter-based Altec Roofing. Since then, Leon has been mired in a legal battle to get workers’ compensation benefits or […]

Enviroweenies: Sewer Irony And Trees

Oops The state Department of Ecology in 1996 officially declared Burnt Bridge Creek to be severely polluted with fecal coliform. The environmental regulators, it turns out, had unwittingly contributed to the problem. This week, Vancouver city workers made a startling discovery near the regional office shared by Ecology and the Washington Department of Fish and […]

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