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DHS Secretary Napolitano Fails To Know Law

Previous Secretaries, such as Mike Chertoff, may have stunk to high heaven at enforcing illegal immigration laws, but, at least they knew what they are. Not so with Madame Napolitano (but, she does know that anyone on the Right is an extremist!) From CNN over the weekend (h/t Michelle Malkin) KING: A lot of Democrats […]

Obama Threatens Tiny Nation Of Eritrea

Why would he do that? Let’s check the New York Times headline for the answer US threatens Eritrea over support for al-Qaeda-linked terrorists The US has warned Eritrea it risks American military action for its support for a Somalian terrorist group linked to a plot to attack President Barack Obama. Ah. If I was a smaller […]

Aside: Wizbang On Cheney And Torture Docs

Wizbang: Cheney to Obama: Declassify the Docs that Show Tough Interrogation Worked

Aside: Prairie Pundit

Prairie Pundit:  Obama ties to buck CIA moral after bad decision on memos

Aside: Obama Shirtless On Magazine Cover

Right Pundits: Obama Washingtonian Magazine: Obama Shirtless

Aside: Sister Toldjah On Cheney

Sister Toldjah: Cheney to CIA: Declassify the memos that prove interrogation tactics worked

Aside: Gun Toting Liberal On Ca. Gun Ruling

Gun Toting Liberal: Liberal Court Affirms President Barack Obama Is Completely Incorrect In His Assertation That States And Municipalities Can Interfere With Our Constitutional 2nd Amendment RTKBA — Even In California…

Robert Gibbs Laughs About Huge Deficit

Is everyone in this administration punch drunk? First we had being giddy enough while discussing terrible economic news during a 60 Minutes interview that the reporter asked if he was punch drunk, then we had Hillary cackling over the pirate situation, and now we have Link:   Partial transcript from Jake Tapper, who got involved in the exchange JENNIFER […]

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