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Napolitano Ignored Civil Liberties Lawyers For “Right Wing Extremists” Hit Job

So, while Jazz Shaw at “The Moderate Liberal Voice” is wringing his hands over Bush supposedly targeting veterans as right wing extremists in the waning days, but completely missing the point (read Ed Morrisseys analysis, first paragraph after the blockquote in particular), I’m wondering when he and the rest of the so-called civil liberties protectors […]

Aside: Hot Girls In Baseball Uniforms

Manofest: 75 Smoking Hot Girls Wearing Baseball Stuff

Sarkozy Calls Obama Weak And A Neophyte

Your humor story of the day The US President is weak, the Spanish leader is dim, the German Chancellor is clinging on to France’s coat-tails and the head of the European Commission is irrelevant. That, at any rate, is the world according to President Sarkozy, who has spent the week airing his unvarnished opinions of […]

Torture Documents: What’s The Deal And Who Cares?

Excitable Andy No mention of the torture memos appears right now on the Drudge Report (which provides news of a prank at Dominos pizza), Instapundit (which mentions the new DVD for the Lord of The Rings trilogy), Pajamas Media, or Michelle Malkin. They are reacting to the evidence of war crimes committed by the president […]

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