Sarkozy Calls Obama Weak And A Neophyte

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The US President is weak, the Spanish leader is dim, the German Chancellor is clinging on to France’s coat-tails and the head of the European Commission is irrelevant.

That, at any rate, is the world according to President Sarkozy, who has spent the week airing his unvarnished opinions of Barack Obama and an array of international politicians — abruptly ending France’s honeymoon with the US and needling Washington on several strategic issues.

In the latest in a stream of accounts from the Élysée Palace, Mr Sarkozy was quoted yesterday as telling an all-party group of MPs that Mr Obama was inexperienced and indecisive. “Obama has a subtle mind, very clever and very charismatic,” the French President said. “But he was elected two months ago and had never run a ministry. There are a certain number of things on which he has no position. And he is not always up to standard on decision-making and efficiency.”


Mr Sarkozy was also reported yesterday to have cracked a dubious joke about Europe’s “Obamamania”. According to L’Express news magazine, he mentioned Mr Obama’s planned visit to Normandy for the D-day anniversary in June, saying: “I am going to ask him to walk on the Channel, and he’ll do it.”

How times have changed when a French leader is able to call the President of the USA a wimp, eh?

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6 Responses to “Sarkozy Calls Obama Weak And A Neophyte”

  1. John Ryan says:

    It makes Teach feel great when other countries denigrate the United States and Obama. Teach perhaps you should consider moving to France where the political leaders are closer to your own beliefs ?

  2. MAS1916 says:

    Mssr. Sarkozy only got part of the statement right…

    The president is weak, inexperienced and indecisive. This is true. Sarkozy failed to mention that Obama is proud of these traits.

    Sarkozy is also insightful enough to understand that Obama’s leftist beliefs coupled with inexperience makes him untrustworthy. France will have to lead Europe now.

  3. manbearpig says:

    I find it amusing that the country the lefties held in such high regard for so long, especially during the Bush years, are now being ripped by them.

    When will Air America and the rest of the liberal media call for a boycott of France?

  4. John Ryan says:

    I find it amusing that the country of France that the country of France that was ridiculed for such a long time by the ultra hard right is held up as a country to be emulated my how things have turned around !!

  5. Sarkozy did not denigrate the US, John, only Obama. That’s gotta leave a mark!

  6. Trish says:

    I find it humorous that the left (John Ryan) is now saying the French denigrate the US AND Obama, when for 8 years they claimed that all of Europe had lost respect for the US totally DUE to Bush.
    I for one, don’t give a rats behind what Sarko-zy or any other leader says about any of our president’s or our country. It’s meaningless.
    Amusing perhaps that it’s now a liberal he chooses to say these things about but not worth the time to argue over.

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