Obama Threatens Tiny Nation Of Eritrea

Why would he do that? Let’s check the New York Times headline for the answer

US threatens Eritrea over support for al-Qaeda-linked terrorists

The US has warned Eritrea it risks American military action for its support for a Somalian terrorist group linked to a plot to attack President Barack Obama.

Ah. If I was a smaller man, I would probably mention something about how Obama is threatening military action against the wrong country, and wants revenge for an assassination plot. But, I would never use those petty liberal style talking points.

The Red Sea dictatorship has drawn the wrath of America by backing extremist Islamic groups in Somalia as part of a proxy war with Ethiopia, its former ruler.

It champions al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-linked group that American intelligence believes has trained a dozen of its own citizens to carry out attacks in the US.

President Obama’s January inauguration was hit by FBI warnings about a potential suicide threat from 12 American citizens that had left Africa to infiltrate the US and disappeared.

Subsequently Washington quietly warned Eritrea, a former Italian colony which was occupied by Britain during the Second World War, it could suffer the same fate as Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in the wake of the September 11 attacks, if the plot was carried out.

Now, really, going after Islamists around the world is A-OK, but, notice that it is only when The Messiah is threatened does it become an issue. I’m surprised Obama noticed, since Eritrea is a tiny country, only about the size of Pennsylvania (like Britain is a little smaller then Oregon.) Will Syria be next? They’re a tiny country, too.

Anyhow, Eritrea best watch out in attempting any man caused disasters, otherwise Operation Overseas Contingency might get ’em.

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6 Responses to “Obama Threatens Tiny Nation Of Eritrea”

  1. John Ryan says:

    At least Obama seems to take the plot against the USA seriously. Bush did not seem to worried about it before 0/11 did he ?

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach is Eritrea predominately muslim ?

  3. […] threatening them with American military action. That’s what our good friend William Teach at the Pirate’s Cove is telling us. Can he do that without approval from the U.N.? Doesn’t he need to get a […]

  4. Oh, Lord, John, are you serious? Do we have to have this convo yet again? Please point out the specific actionable intelligence.

    Not a clue if it is mostly Muslim. Even the CIA Factbook doesn’t say.

    Of course, you miss the point. And, if this was Bush, you would be pitching a fit.

  5. the facts are NO al queda in east africa says:

    wow it seem Americans are being lie to again by their government first fact is Eritrea has no al-Qaeda-links to terrorists second fact is Eritrea is half Muslim half Christian third fact is Eritrea’s president is Christian fourth fact is Eritrean government does have connections Somalia political groups but that has nothing to do with harming America . why does Eritrea have links with Somalia groups because first it’s a regional country i.e. both countries are in east Africa so we have national interest second Somalia was invaded by Ethiopia .Eritrea didn’t support this invasion because it’s illegal under UN rules and so reacted by helping the ousted government of Somali the Somalia government is Muslims and so is 90% of the population of Somalia.
    If you wish to learn more about Eritrean government its official website is


    Another fact is Eritrea poses no threat to America at all the only reason why American government is mad at Eritrea is because we supported the ousted Somalia government while they supported Ethiopia and the invasion there are no al-Qaeda in Somalia and if there was it would be a insignificant number and would still pose no threat to America full stop
    Christianity came off the shore of Eritrea the red sea and Ethiopia so please stop lying by saying Eritrea is a Muslim state because its a secular one Eritrea has been fighting terrorism way before America has the conflict between the two states is political nothing more or less i.e. America wants a American Somalia government formed with Ethiopia’s help Eritrea arch enemy
    Why is there so much misinformation on the internet i thought this stop with Iraq , weapons of mass destruction which was never there and George bush

    No links between Somali pirates, al Qaeda – U.S.


    the link above is by Africom commander General William

    Somalis reject Bin Laden threats

    the facts are NO group in east Africa poses a threat to America security or has the means to let alone Eritrea the truth is America poses a threat to east Africa security not yours all in the names of securing resources any way that’s my opinion but my conclusion is closer to the truth than this papers headline

  6. Rondevue says:

    US State Department official called the above posted false allegation made against Eritrea by the UK based Daily Telegraph … a “GARBAGE” ! :))

    US State Department official denied report of US threat of military action against Eritrea, called such reports of misrepresentation of US policies “garbage”.
    Ease of travel restriction reported, full consular service in the pipe-line?

    Meskerem 04-25-09. In response to meskerem’s request for comment or clarification regarding the report by Damien McElroy in the Daily Telegraph that alleged US threat of military attack against Eritrea on account of Eritrea’s alleged support of the Al-Shabaab, the concerned US Department official stated that the US never threatened the State of Eritrea with any military action and called such irresponsible misrepresentation of US policy “garbage”. The official advised meskerem to refer to the current US position on Eritrea as published in the agency’s website.

    The article by Damien McElroy that was published in the Daily Telegraph dated 17 Apr 2009 was also criticized by the Eritrean government through a Press Release posted in its website. The report had stated that the US would take military action against Eritrea as it did against Afghanistan on account of Eritrea’s alleged support of Al-Shabaab. Eritrean-Americans are shocked and angered as the report misrepresented the policy of the US administration they worked so hard to put in the White House. The report is now seen as the last and dying breath of the failed policy of aggression of the Bush-Cheney era. Contrary to the message of the report, there are signs of goodwill gestures between the US and Eritrea.

    Ease of travel restriction reported, full consular service possible. Visas to US citizens made easier.

    There are signs that the US and Eritrea might be moving towards improving bilateral relations. Meskerem has been informed that the travel restrictions imposed on the US Embassy might be easing and might even be lifted soon. Rumors in Asmara are also spreading like wild fire that the Consular Office of the US Embassy in Asmara might resume to provide full visa services.

    Meskerem invited the US State Department official to comment on the rumors; cautiously, the US Department, official who declined to be mentioned by name, responded that there are some issues and it is a matter of time but can not tell when the US Embassy would resume to provide full service as it did before. It is to be remembered that the the Bush administration and the Eritrean government took counter actions that resulted in the closure of Eritrean consular office in the Bay area and the cessation of visa service to non-US citizens at the US embassy in Eritrea.

    Moreover, sources close the Eritrean Embassy in Washington, DC have indicated that the embassy has made visas application process easier for US citizens who want to travel and visit Eritrea.

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