Hell Of A Job With North Korea, President Neophyte

If only Obama hadn’t taken his eye off the ball with North Korea, had told Pyongyang he was interested in unilateral negotions, had listened to what North Korea had to say instead of isolating them from the world community, we might not have had North Korea go down a route which reflects the failure of the Bush Obama approach in the wake of Pyongyang’s missile launches the other week (do I have lefty talking points down or what?)

North Korea ordered International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors out of the country Tuesday. The decision ends international monitoring of a research reactor at Yongbyon and in theory could allow reprocessing of fuel rods to produce plutonium.

The on-again, off-again inspections at the 5-megawatt Experimental Nuclear Reactor Plant and the Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant at Yongbyon resumed in October, soon after the U.S. announced it would remove North Korea from the State Department list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

So, President Neophyte announces he will take them off the terrorist list, the U.N. sends them a smack on the wrist letter for the missile launch, and North Korea tells the inspectors to get out, meaning they can no longer make sure theNorks aren’t producing weapons grade nuclear material at the plant Clinton gave them with a smile and a wink.

This comes just hours after North Korea said they will boycott the Six Party talks. For those of us in Reality Land, versus the reality based community, we understand that Kim Jong-Il is simply testing Obama and the U.N., and that he wants something. It is the same old pattern. But, hey, if it was OK to Blame Bush when this happened while he was president, should be good enough to Blame Obama, right?

But, hey, Obama has more important things to deal with, like warning againstright wing extremists” who believe in “rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority,” might be against abortion or illegal immigration, might be a returning veteran, with the power of the federal government. You know, I am not one for conspiracy theories, but, things like this do make one wonder, and worry. And, like some have written, just replace “Obama” with “Bush” in the article, and see if the Left would be at force 10 apoplexy. In this case, crickets, if not outright support for this dangerous report. Obama sees enemies among his fellow Americans which do not exist, and ignores foreign enemies who do.

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One Response to “Hell Of A Job With North Korea, President Neophyte”

  1. John Ryan says:

    When Bush was POTUS North Korea detonated an atomic bomb. Do you think that this will happen again under Obama ? As far as the extremists are concerned the right wing was always seeing those black helos THE TRUTH IS OIT THERE

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