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Say, How’s That Embryonic Stem Cell Research Going In California?

Actually, thanks for asking, it’s going exactly the way the rest of the research into ESCs is going When millionaire Silicon Valley real estate developer Bob Klein launched his ballot drive to create a $3-billion state fund for stem-cell research in 2004, he pitched it as a way of taking politics out of science and […]

Adult Stem Cells Fix Boys’ Windpipe

Why don’t we ever see any of these stories involving embryonic stem cells? Oh, that’s right, they pretty much have never helped anything except the abortion lobby A British boy successfully underwent a groundbreaking operation involving the transplant of a windpipe which is being regenerated inside his body using his own stem cells, The Times […]

Obama Admin Sued Over Embyonic Stem Cell Research

Hey, here’s one you won’t hear about in any of the MSM, unless the lawsuit tanks A coalition of pro-life advocates including two scientists, two families, an adoption agency and the Christian Medical Association have banded together to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration in an effort to stop the expected taxpayer funding of […]

Two Huge Stem Cell Trials Are In The Works. Guess Which Type

This is some pretty good news Osiris Therapeutics Inc, which is developing a drug to treat a rare condition that affects bone marrow transplant patients, is poised to unveil results from a late-stage trial that could pave the way for the first approved drug in that indication and instill investor confidence in the company. GvHD […]

Adult Stem Cells To Cure Brain Cancer? Oh, And ESC Trials Postponed

Is there anything that adult stem cells (ASCs) can’t do? Vitro Diagnostics, Inc. (OTCBB: VODG), dba Vitro Biopharma, announced advances in its adult stem cell products and technology with application to cell-based therapy of cancer. With the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy from brain cancer, we are reminded of such aggressive cancers without effective treatment. […]

Science Based On Facts, Not Ideology?

Remember when Obama stated that he wanted science to be based on facts, not ideology? Of course, he was discussing the use of federal money for embryonic stem cell research, so, was a silly statement to start with. And, how about Obama also signed a memorandum that directs the White House Office of Science and […]

Look At What Non-Embryonic Stem Cells Are Doing

While we wait for the researchers who feed at the federal trough to produce something, anything, from embryonic stem cells that does not include teratomas (monster tumors,) non-embronic stem cells are continuing to be super A middle-aged leukemia patient has became Chile’s first patient to receive stem cells from an umbilical cord in a radical […]

Iran Clones Sex Education Tool

As the headline at Fark stated, if they clone a camel, they can combine sex ed and drivers ed into one class Iranian scientists have cloned a goat and plan future experiments they hope will lead to a treatment for stroke patients, the leader of the research said Wednesday. The female goat, named Hana, was […]

How’s That Federally Funded ESC Research Going?

Mixed bag: Some Stem Cell Research Limits Lifted The Obama administration announced Friday that it planned to lift some but not all federal financing restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research, drawing criticism both from abortion opponents and from scientists who had expected a more liberal policy. Guidelines proposed by the National Institutes of Health […]

Could Embryonic Stem Cells Cure Deafness?

This should give hope to the folks who back the use of ESCs Scientists have announced a “major breakthrough” in attempts to find a cure for deafness after the cells vital for hearing were grown in a laboratory. Early versions of the sensory hair cells and the brain cells that enable hearing have been made […]

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