Obama Admin Sued Over Embyonic Stem Cell Research

Hey, here’s one you won’t hear about in any of the MSM, unless the lawsuit tanks

A coalition of pro-life advocates including two scientists, two families, an adoption agency and the Christian Medical Association have banded together to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration in an effort to stop the expected taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research.

The suit is a response to President Barack Obama’s decision earlier this year to overturn the protections the Bush administration put in place preventing funding of research that involves the destruction of human life.

They must believe in God and be EVIL Creationists, or something like that. I’m waiting for Excitable Chucky to chime in, since everyone who believes in God is a Creationist.

World magazine indicates the pro-life advocates have sued the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on behalf of unborn children who would be destroyed in the research funded by the departments.

They want to stop the expected $92 million that could be funneled from taxpayer funds to embryonic stem cell research, which has never helped human patients and has yielded significant problems in studies with animals.

That is the major issue. Why should the federal government use taxpayer money to fund ESC research? So far, it has been worthless. What point is there in a cure that creates massive tumors in the patient? If the research was so great, private industry would be doing tons of research, instead of concentrating on Adult, Placental, and other lines other than Embryonic. Using federal money is basically a sop to the Abortion on Demand lobby and to researchers who couldn’t get a job in the private sector.

The Alliance Defense Fund and the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher are also helping the clients involved in the lawsuits.

There are two suits and both make similar cases that the Obama order to force taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research violates the Dickey-Wicker Amendment, a federal law that prohibits federal funding of scientific studies that destroy human life.

Specifically, the 1995 law stops tax-funding of “(1) the creation of a human embryo or embryos for research purposes; or (2) research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed, discarded, or knowingly subjected to risk of injury or death.”

Oh, please, you can’t expect Democrats to actually follow The Law, mateys! The Law is for others.

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One Response to “Obama Admin Sued Over Embyonic Stem Cell Research”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach the Jews, the people who wrote most of the Bible, do not consider a fetus to be a human being. That is the reason that abortion is legal in Israel which of course has a national health plan. The extreme position taken by these groups is more similar to that taken by Islam which has abortion law that I believe you would be in favor of.
    Teach would you be in favor of allowing ECR if the embryo was not destroyed ? On August 23, 2006, the online edition of Nature scientific journal published a letter by Dr. Robert Lanza (medical director of Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester, MA) stating that his team had found a way to extract embryonic stem cells without destroying the actual embryo.[12] This technical achievement would potentially enable scientists to work with new lines of embryonic stem cells derived using public funding in the USA, where federal funding was at the time limited to research using embryonic stem cell lines derived prior to August 2001. In March, 2009, the limitation was lifted.[13]
    And Teach virtually ALL of the initial work done for embryonic cell research was done from cells from human embryos, it became the FOUNDATION for all subsequent work.
    Also the FDA has now approved the first actual trial it will be a study of the effect of stem cells on parapalegics. I hope that it is successful.
    In the summer of 2009, the first clinical trial using embryonic stem cells in humans was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A biotech company called the Geron Corporation will be conducting the trial. The study will involve the injection of neural stem cells into paraplegics who have suffered a recent spinal cord injury. About eight to ten paraplegics who have had their injuries no longer than two weeks before the trial begins, will be selected to take part in the trial, since the cells must be injected before scar tissue is able to form. However, the researchers are emphasizing that the injections are not expected to fully cure the patients and restore all mobility. Based on the results of the mice trials, researchers say restoration of myelin sheathes, and an increase in mobility is probable. This first trial is mainly testing the safety of these procedures and if everything goes well, it could lead to future studies that involve people with more severe disabilities.[19][20]
    Those christians that disapprove of this research are the same type that have ALWAYS persecuted scientists, yes and the same ones who made it impossible for the National Park Rangers at the Grand Canyon to inform visitors of the age or origin of the Grand Canyon because of the conflict with their Bible

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