Look At What Non-Embryonic Stem Cells Are Doing

While we wait for the researchers who feed at the federal trough to produce something, anything, from embryonic stem cells that does not include teratomas (monster tumors,) non-embronic stem cells are continuing to be super

A middle-aged leukemia patient has became Chile’s first patient to receive stem cells from an umbilical cord in a radical procedure that could cure the disease, health officials here said Thursday.

It could take a year to determine whether it has truly worked, and 2-3 to determine if he is cured. But, no ESCs used.

Ordinary cells reprogrammed to act like embryonic stem cells can help repair damaged heart tissue in mice, researchers reported on Monday in a study that shows a potential practical use for the experimental cells.

When injected into mice whose hearts had been damaged by a heart attack, the new cells helped improve both the structure and function of the heart. Eventually the hope would be to patch up seriously ill heart patients using their own cells.

No ESCs used. They reprogrammed them normal cells. Cool, huh? Scientists in China have been able to do something similar, as well. No aborted babies used.

Jewish Hospital officials announced Thursday that physicians from the University of Louisville performed the world’s first cardiac stem cell infusion procedure at the hospital last Friday.

The procedure is part of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved clinical trial, testing the use of adult cardiac stem cells to treat heart disease.

Adult stem cells. Looks like science is just marching on fine and dandy without the use of embryonic stem cells. The only positive story I could find regarding what ESCs have actually done as of late is one about creating human sperm cells from ESCs, however, other researchers are skeptical of the claim, saying there is not enough evidence.

A search of “stem cell” at Google News produces a rather large amount of hits, the majority are about non-ESC advances. A search of “embryonic stem cell” produces lots of hits, too. However, most of those stories are the same as when you search “stem cell,” as there is very little actual news about true ESC research, much less any cures and/or treatments. Oh, wait, here’s one

Scientists in America say they have come one step closer to treating Alzheimer’s disease by using adult stem cells.

Researchers at the University of California in Irvine successfully used injections of neural stem cells to repair damaged brain cells.

Despite advances using adult stem cells, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act was passed last year liberalising the law governing scientists’ use of the controversial embryonic stem cells.

However, many scientists consider this branch of research, in which human embryos are destroyed by the process of harvesting stem cells, to be far less promising.

In 2008 scientist Colin McGuckin left his position as professor of regenerative medicine at Newcastle University because he said the Government was failing to fund adult stem cell research.

He told the Times Higher Education: “A vast amount of money in the UK from the Government has gone into embryonic stem-cell research with not one patient having being treated, to the detriment of (research into) adult stem cells, which has been severely underfunded.”

Prof McGuckin added: “You would barely know that adult stem cells exist”.

Oh, guess it wasn’t about how great ESCs are. My bad.

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2 Responses to “Look At What Non-Embryonic Stem Cells Are Doing”

  1. mark l. says:

    the ONLY reason for ‘joy’, on the potential for producing a clone from a sperm cell is so that a fetus can be created for organ harvesting.

    I withold from believing that the process, even if made legal, would be covered under any form of nationalized healthcare. Adult stem cells are the only econmically viable mean of saving the lives of the common man, WITHIN a feasable budget.

    unless you are bill gates, steve jobs, warren buffet, or george soros-you will NOT be able to afford the procedure. I don’t have ethical reservations about the technique, but this is about as useful a million dollar process that can turn an ounce of lead into gold. neat? yep. practical? nope.

  2. True, mark. But, couldn’t resist adding that one in. When one runs across a story with sperm in the headline, yeah, gotta post it.

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