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Obama Upset About Rushed Legislation. In 2004

Just for reference, the Patriot Act, while seemingly rushed, was mostly comprised of legislation that was sitting around for a long time, as well as strengthening of existing law, and adding stuff to existing law. But, anyway, we have to pass legislation which would, in effect, turn America into France. It’s like turning baseball into […]

10 Questions For ObamaCare Supporters

Over at Townhall, Denis Prager has 10 questions for ObamaCare supporters, though, he needs to rename that government health care. ObamaCare sounds, as Dr. Melissa Clouthier points out, snippy and imprecise.

International Rule 5 BikiniFest Week

Smitty has declared this week to be International Rule 5 BikiniFest. Ain’t no one going to beat me on this! Pirate bikini’s rock. So do USA bikini’s (SFW below the more tag)    

Michael Jackson To Get Nobel Prize?

He will if some of his fans get their way. My one and only Michael Jackson post Michael Jackson fans have launched a campaign calling for the superstar to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The late star’s fans have flocked to sign online petitions supporting the move. They say he should be honoured […]

AGW Today: Join In The Newest Craze-Smart Car Dunking

Alright, not everyone buys a smart car because they are one of the .5% of AGW believers who are actually walking the talk, rather than just yammering on about concensus and awareness. They might make sense for someone who pretty much just lives and drives with a confined city, someplace like New York City or […]

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