Daily Archives: July 23, 2009

Obama’s Disapproval Number Hits New High

The latest Fox News Opinion Dynamics poll is out (though, of course, Liberals will poo-poo it while they themselves watch it on TV and read it on the ‘net), and Obama keeps dropping A new FOX News poll finds that while 49 percent want Congress to pass health care legislation this year, about the same […]

Obama Attacks More Private Citizens During Prime Time Presser

OK, I’ll admit, I did not listen to that much of the “it’s not about me, but, hey, look at me, I’m Thee President” prime time campaign stop. I tuned out while driving to get dinner not long after I heard him say I’m the president, this MUST get done and then yammering on about […]

Guess Which Type Of Car Owner Drives More Than Others

If you guessed hybrid, the tequila shot is on me Quite a few big-name auto insurers have been giving hybrid owners a discount on their premium. But those deals might not last much longer; as an insurance data-analysis firm points out, the insurance industry could be losing big because of this. The surprising result: Hybrid […]

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