Daily Archives: July 30, 2009

International Rule 5 BikiniFest Thursday!

Nuff said! Today’s Rule 5 BikiniFest is up at The Other McCain.

AGW Today: Dead Last, Hoarding Light Bulbs, And Hearing AGW

Q. 15 Now, I am going to read you a list of concerns people have. Please tell me which ONE of these you the President and Congress should be paying the most attention to Dead last. And this poll came from NPR, not usually known for their ne0-con leanings, Climahysterics! (via Tom Nelson) A view […]

When Will Obama Take Responsibility For Being President?

At what point does Obama Man Up and be Thee President? I can’t remember Bush blaming Clinton for not taking out Osama 3 times, for the Wall between law enforcement and intelligence, etc and so on. Clinton wasn’t out there blaming Bush 41. Reagan wasn’t blaming Carter for the recession he inherited and the Iran […]

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