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How Radical Was Obama?

Pretty darned radical. Stop The ACLU has the details of his anti-American militarism

Aside: Stupidest House Resolution Ever

Michelle Malkin: Stupidest House Resolution Ever

Aside: Blue Crab Boulevard

Blue Crab Boulevard: Forget It, Mom. You Die

Aside: Ready For The EnviroCops?

Hot Air: Ready For the EnviroCops?

Progressives (Re)acting Without Response

You’ll remember from July 4th, I had a post up in response to one at the HuffPo by Mike Lux called “All Of  A Sudden, The Left Likes July 4th.” Today, Mike has a post up in response to RS McCain, Mike Gibson, and myself at the Huffington Post and Open Left entitled Conservatives (Re)acting […]

Aside: No Patriotic Songs In Chicago

Stop The ACLU: City of Chicago Fireworks Show: No Patriotic Songs Needed

Aside: Mullah Sprung From Gitmo Now Taliban Leader

Atlas Shrugs: Mullah sprung from Gitmo now leads Taliban jihadists

Aside: Christians Attacked At Arabfest

Gateway Pundit: Christians Attacked At Deabornistan Arabfest

Aside: The Elite Feminist Attack Machine

Flopping Aces: The Elite “Feminist” Attack Machine

Aside: On Palin Derangement Syndrome

A Conservative Lesbian: Pondering Palin Derangement Syndrome

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