Daily Archives: July 15, 2009

Excitable Chucky Disses Abortion Opponents

Apparently, in Excitable Chucky’s world, if you are against abortion on demand and speak out, you are an extreme right wing nut, a theocrat, and just need to STFU Anti-Abortion Kooks Interrupt Sotomayor Hearings Here we go; the extreme wing of the anti-abortion movement has been whipping itself into a lather over Sonia Sotomayor, and […]

Palin Really, Really Scares The Left, Doesn’t She

And, too be honest, some of the Palin haters on the Right, too. But, let’s deal with the Left for the moment, shall we? Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight shows that the Palin hatred (this story isn’t quite in the PDS region) will drive them to use any rational to demean Palin Sarah Palin’s political action […]

Dems Health Care Plan Hurts Small Business’ and Sex!

OK, there is really no sex in this, but, caught your attention, right? Health care is generally a boring subject to discus….zzzzzzzz. Where was I? Right. A rather boring subject, like taxes. But, it is something that affects us all, and the Democrats will make SURE that it affects us all even more, right in […]

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