Daily Archives: July 22, 2009

George W. Obama Irks Democrats

It is apparently all about Obama Bush President Obama has irked close allies in Congress by declaring he has the right to ignore legislation on constitutional grounds after having criticized George W. Bush for doing the same. Four senior House Democrats on Tuesday said they were “surprised” and “chagrined” by Obama’s declaration in June that […]

Happy Blogoversary To Me!

5 years, mateys! And everyone is invited over for cake, rum, and saucy wenches (saucy seadogs for the lovely ladies are available, as well!) Now, off to play some late birthday golf with some work chums

Obambi Admin To Allow Iran To Develop Nukes

And then they will spend quite a bit defending against what they should have stopped. How else to read this? US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the US is prepared to bolster the defence of its Gulf allies if Iran develops a nuclear weapons programme. Mrs Clinton said if the US extended a “defence […]

What Has Dear Leader Done During His First 6 Months?

Let’s take a look from the DUmmy perspective Click the more tag Signed executive orders to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within a year, ban torture and end the CIA’s secret overseas prisons and define treatment of Detainees. (but, they are nowhere close to actually closing Gitmo and are still holding […]

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