Obambi Admin To Allow Iran To Develop Nukes

And then they will spend quite a bit defending against what they should have stopped. How else to read this?

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the US is prepared to bolster the defence of its Gulf allies if Iran develops a nuclear weapons programme.

Mrs Clinton said if the US extended a “defence umbrella” over the region, it was unlikely that Iran would be any stronger or safer having a weapon.

Speaking in an interview for Thai television, she said: “If the US extends a defence umbrella over the region, if we do even more to support the military capacity of those in the Gulf, it’s unlikely that Iran will be any stronger or safer because they won’t be able to intimidate and dominate as they apparently believe they can once they have a nuclear weapon.”

She said the US was still offering engagement to Iran but warned that the “nuclear clock was ticking”.

Interesting that Dear Leader has nixed any defense shield for our Polish and other western European allies, but, he is willing to spend godawful amounts of money (there’s a shocker!) defending other Gulf nations from Iranian nuclear weapons. Which they seem willing to allow Iran to develop, since, even though Obama is open to talks, begging for talks, the Iranians are just patting Obama on the head and telling him to get off their lawn.

While it may not be popular, wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to just bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb Iran’s nuclear weapons development centers?

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