Obama Warns Against Scare Tactics. He Should Take His Own Advice

In an interview campaign stop with ABC News, Obama had this to say

“The country has to reform its health care system or else not only are you going to continue to have people really going through a hard time, we’re also going see a continuing escalation of our budget problems that can’t get under control,” Obama told Moran. “I think America has to win it here.”

and then

In the dialogue surrounding health care, Obama warned against “scare tactics,” which he said are fostering anxiety and serving to distract Americans from the plan’s principles.

Well, he is correct, in that the scare tactics eminating from his own mouth are an attempt to distract people from what the bill is actually going to do. Things like the federal government being able to see the money in your bank account without a warrant, and take money for payment directly out. Things like not allowing you to switch to a different private health insurance plan if you want to. Things like giving un-taxed health care to illegals. Heck, Obama has admitted that he isn’t familiar with the private insurance restriction in the bill. What else is he not even familiar with, seeing as how he outsourced this piece of legislation, like all the rest, to Congress?

Anyhow, the actual full quote from the transcript is

And those scare tactics, which have been employed consistently for the last 40 years, they get some traction. They certainly get traction in the media. And as a consequence — and I think people even if they’re dissatisfied with their health care right now, they get nervous, which you know, I completely understand. And so my job has been to make sure that people understand the status quo is untenable.

Earth America to Obambi

Nearly half of Americans (45 percent) think the quality of their family’s health care would be worse under the current proposed reforms. That is significantly higher than the number (29 percent) who say they would get better quality health care under the proposed plans. Another 17 percent expect no difference.

Most Americans say they have health care insurance (91 percent), and a large 84 percent majority rates the quality of their insurance as excellent or good. Moreover, more than 8 in 10 (83 percent) rate the quality of the health care they currently receive as excellent or good. And if they were sick or seriously ill, most people say they would rather be in the current privately-run health care system (64 percent) than in a government-run system (19 percent).

The fact is, most are happy with their insurance and health care and are worried that their quality of care will go down with the government involved so much. They also believe that their costs and taxes will go up under the government plan.

“We don’t want to see that money wasted on weapons systems that aren’t needed. We don’t want it spent on welfare programs that don’t work. And we shouldn’t want that spent on tests that aren’t making people better,” he said. “So the real issue is, are we getting the best value for the money that we are already spending? And the answer is no.”

Scare tactic. Democrats in Congress and Dr. Obama are working hard on reducing our military by going after waste (going after waste is a good thing,) but, perhaps the pair could go after waste in welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and all the other liberal programs. Yeah, that’ll happen.

Personally, I would suggest that, like when Democrats call Republican voters racists, bigots, mean, violent, etc and so forth, he is doing a bit of projection when discussing “scare tactics.” They have worked well for the Democrats for the past 40+ years.

PS: Maybe Obama should have a conversation with Paul Krugman, who tells us that “the health care system is in crisis” and “the fate of the middle class hangs in the balance.”

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2 Responses to “Obama Warns Against Scare Tactics. He Should Take His Own Advice”

  1. I was gonna comment on Obama’s health care bill scaring the daylights out of the Democratic party resulting in his ratings nose diving to earth. The drop is so precipitous I shall wait till it hits single digits.
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  2. If you have been following all this closely then you would know that the reason they don’t bring this up is because there will be no employer based health insurance if this passes. You will be forced to purchase goverment health care and if you choose not to, when you file your taxes you will be fined thousands of dallars.
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