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Excitable Andy Still Bat Sh*t Crazy: The GOP Has Declared War On Barry

Seriously, are there any adults at The Atlantic who are even slightly embarrassed by being associated with this raving lunatic? The GOP Has Declared War On Obama This much is now clear. Their clear and open intent is to do all they can, however they can, to sabotage the new administration (and the economy to […]

Two Otters Are Better Then One. Now With Mice!

Today’s sappily cute story When the keepers shut down the otter exhibit at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Sunday, they left one otter out in the exhibit overnight. When they came back to open up Monday morning, there were two. Nope, there wasn’t a birth. A wild North American river otter had found its way in […]

Blackberry Upgrade 4.5

On a note separate from my usual missives, if you have a Blackberry Curve, Pearl, 8800 series, or 8700 series, you really need to upgrade to Blackberry 4.5. You thought your Crackberry was great beforehand? Wait till you see what 4.5 does. Me, I primarily use my for email. One corporate account on a BES server […]

Nancy and Barry’s Promises In The Dark

It’s been a short walk from Nancy Pelosi’s claim of the most ethical and honest Congress ever, as well as Obama’s promise to run a transparent government, to this President Barack Obama has proclaimed his administration will be more open than the previous administration. However, his counterparts in the House and the Senate aren’t following suit. […]

Mumbai Terrorist Scared By Women

…And is claiming, per the Telegraph headline, that he was tortured with sex by a female FBI agent. Interestingly, the only mentions of the woman being an FBI agent comes in the headline and sub-headline. Rather missing from the actual story Fahim Ansari is accused of helping to plan the attacks in which 173 people […]

Top 10 Manliest Pets

Heh! Spike features the Top 10 Manliest Pets. Sharks with laser beams on their frickin’ heads not featured, but, hey, what’s up with monkeys only being #9? #1 has dexterity, though. Click it for full size.

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