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NFL’s Hottest Cheerleader

Give it up for Randi, Maxim’s Hottest Cheerleader of the Year. More info and photos at Banned In Hollywood.

To Kindle Or Not

So, I’m over at Andrew Sullivan’s spot, just to see what craziness he may be up to. Plus, to be honest, I enjoy the pictures he posts. He has a couple posts up about the Kindle and Ebooks, which leads to this post by Kindle skeptic Rob Horning Amazon has released a new Kindle.It costs […]

Aside: Barry’s Broken Promises

Sweetness And Light: Stimulus Bill Broke 7 Obama Promises

John Conyers To Hold Basement Hearings On Sheriff Joe Arpaio

More federal government interference, more violations of the 10th Amendment. Maybe Conyers should investigate himself House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and three fellow Democrats want the Department of Justice to investigate civil rights complaints against controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio. The lawmakers, in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security […]

Apparently, It Is Dumb To Ask For Physical Proof Regarding Obama

After eight years of the Left accusing Bush of everything that they don’t blame on anthropogenic global warming, and sometimes they blame both, with little to no proof, lefties, still riding high on hopeNchange, and probably the fumes from their black velvet Obama paintings, just do not like it when anyone asks for simple proof […]

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