Apparently, It Is Dumb To Ask For Physical Proof Regarding Obama

After eight years of the Left accusing Bush of everything that they don’t blame on anthropogenic global warming, and sometimes they blame both, with little to no proof, lefties, still riding high on hopeNchange, and probably the fumes from their black velvet Obama paintings, just do not like it when anyone asks for simple proof of Obama’s citizenship. Witness barking moonbat, and member of The Tennessean, Gail Kerr take on the subject of Barry’s birth certificate (and, hopefully, Jenny Craig)

In the Handy Guide for Newspaper Opinion Columnists, this is called shooting fish in a barrel. Or hitting a slow-pitched softball.

Four Tennessee state representatives, all Republicans, have signed up to be plaintiffs in a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, aimed at forcing him to prove he is a United States citizen by coughing up his birth certificate.

Let me just say what all the world is now thinking, including their fellow Republicans on the Hill: This is dumber than a box of rocks.

In fact, Gail spends the vast majority of the opinion article getting personal and insulting, not that that should be any surprise when dealing with a liberal. She finally gets around to what she thinks constitutes physical proof

Casada, who is the House GOP caucus chairman, told a Tennessean reporter that he thinks Obama does have a U.S. birth certificate, but he should make it widely available so we can “move on.”

Ahem, Rep. Casada? Sir? Obama’s campaign did just that. A long, long time ago. They put it on their Internet site. Obama’s mother was a U.S. citizen. His father was from Kenya.

The man was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Hawaii. That, fellows, is a state. As in the “United STATES of America.” It counts. See?

How on earth could the man have gotten a driver’s license, Social Security card and the keys to the White House without being a U.S. citizen?

Ahem, Gail? He did not put his birth certificate on-line. He put a copy of a certificate of live birth, which some think was falsified. It sure wasn’t one based on 1961, as they would not have had the fathers race as “African-American” back then. And, Gail, honey? Well, more like cookies all day, based on her photo, but, I do not want to get caught up in the insults that the left likes to throw, how do illegals get those same things. Well, not the White House, of course.

And, Gail, baby? Why does a man spend hundreds of thousands, and perhaps over a million dollars, defending lawsuits, when he could pay $10 for a copy of the original birth certificate? Do you have an explanation? Is it really too much to ask for actual, physical proof? McCain provided a birth certificate.

Now, look, to be clear, I believe Obambi is a natural born citizen. My personal little theory is that he was born out of wedlock, and his Mom wanted to make it look like he was legitimate. As good a conspiracy theory as any other. But, why does a man fight so hard to show the physical proof? Heck, I can walk upstairs and get my original BC out of my fireproof safe (really need to put it in the safety deposit box, eh?). Why is this so difficult for Barack?

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31 Responses to “Apparently, It Is Dumb To Ask For Physical Proof Regarding Obama”

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  2. Michelle says:

    That piece of paper you have upstairs isn’t your original BC. The original stays in the county offices where you were born. What you have is a certified copy.

    But you knew that, right?

  3. John Ryan says:

    Teach This is a dead issue. Iy should only be discussed while wearing a tinfoil hat. Doing so while bare headed will automaically include admittance to the Cult of Citizenship Deniers.Please read the inclosed link

    • That same FactCheck page contains a blatant lie. Try to understand this proof that they’re lying, making sure to understand the argument I’m making and any arguments I’m not making.

      Compare exactly what HI said on 10/31 to what FactCheck claims they said. They’re obviously different, and FactCheck is clearly lying. And, of course, so is Kerr.

  4. Yes, Michelle, I know that. But it is an actual birth certificate, not a certificate of live birth, which is what Obama released.

    Great, John, they have seen it. Why can’t the rest of us see it? Why the massive fights from Obama? $10 for a copy, and it would put all the interest in the grave yard. Why is that a problem? And, the thing is, John, that what is presented at Fact Check is the certificate of live birth, not the birth certificate.

    Like I said, I believe he is entitled by the Constitution to be President. But, what is so hard about releasing the BC and putting this issue to bed? And, also, it is rather amusing for people who have engaged in massive conspiracy theories during the time Bush was pres, starting with their inability to accept the law and reality that Bush was elected president, to 9/11 conspiracies, etc, to not see that simply providing a document would be so easy.

  5. Noquitter says:

    It’s truly ironic that the transparency Obama touts doesn’t apply to him. History will show that Obama’s presidency will be a black eye on our country.

  6. manbearpig says:

    My only “complaint” with the document that showed up online is this… Didn’t some loon release a document during the ’04 election that showed Dubya was AWOL when he was supposed to be completing his air national guard service requirement that was subsequently debunked? electronic documents are easy enough for any 18 year old kid running photoshop to fake. Now while I’m not saying the document that was released was fake, but the only way to know is to see the actual, physical document, not an electronic copy.

  7. Ted says:

    Obama’s stealing the census from Congress has suddenly awakened and enraged the Republicans. Maybe this will arouse them as well to challenge Obama for stealing the Presidency itself. They surely know he is not an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (which is more than merely being a 14th Amendment “citizen”) by virtue of either Obama’s birth to a dad of Kenyan/British citizenship or birth in Kenya itself — as manifested by his unwillingness to supply his long form birth certificate now under seal.

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  9. Sphere says:

    This is all absurd. Obama did exactly what he should have during the election. He produced reasonable proof of citizenship. Then, when it became clear the the right wing conspiracy theorists had already made up their minds (“Oh, a birth certificate? It’s the wrong kind! Oh, you’ve got the right kind? Must be a fake! Hawaii public records officials have verified it? They’re in on it!”) and were planning on flogging this past the point of reason, he stopped talking to them.

    It’s exactly the correct reaction to any tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist/ufologist/moon landing denier/etc. You can’t convince these people of anything, because they’ve already made up their minds. Any additional evidence you give them they find a way to discount, ignore, “discredit,” or otherwise wedge into their unassailable belief in the conspiracy.

    The only way to deal with people like this is to refute their claims to a reasonable extent, for the record, and then ignore them.

    • Did you actually see the birth certificate, Sphere? Can you show me an actual copy? Or, are you just taking other peoples word? The NY Times comes out with an article last Feb, strangely right after a post on the Democratic Underground, wondering if McCain was eligible because he was born in Panama. McCain offered up his BC. Why can’t Obama, who is, incidentally, spending a lot of money to keep from having to show it. Makes you wonder, eh?

  10. mantis says:

    and it would put all the interest in the grave yard.

    Well, I thought you were crazy for sure, but that statement just proves you’re incredibly stupid as well. Obama could produce a photo of his mother holding him just after birth, in the hospital, with a dated newspaper and doctors wearing identification from the Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu, and you morons would still doubt it. He could invent a time machine and take you back there personally, and you morons would still doubt it. The conspiracy theory will never die, no matter how much proof is offered (more than enough already has been, of course).

    Have the 911 conspiracy theories died? Didn’t think so, and you and your insane fellow travelers will never drop this one either. Two sides of the same batshit crazy coin.

  11. Blue Rose says:

    Will this work for you?

    Let’s get on to the business of supporting the economy recovery and not being an obstructionist.

  12. mantis says:

    No, actually, mantis, I would accept that.

    I don’t believe you for a moment. There’s always another, “but wait a minute!” “Fine, so you’ve proven that steel will melt and bend at the heat produced by the fires, but what about this mysterious radio message just before the tower fell? What about Bush saying he saw the first plane hit on TV? What about this? What about that?” There’s always plenty of fuel for the crazy fire.

    Tell me this, crazy man: what possibly reason do you have to doubt the verification of the Hawaii State Department of Health?

    Btw, the Hawaii Department of Health doesn’t offer citizens the option of obtaining a photocopy of the original birth certificate, only a certification of birth, which you’ve seen and which is more than enough for the US State Department. You’re asking for something they don’t even do. But of course you are, that way you can continue to claim that Obama will not submit to your unreasonable requests, never once noting that he can’t even do so.

    So long, Obama Troother.

  13. Blue Rose, that is his certificate of live birth, not his birth certificate, and, it is on an official Obama site. Why can’t he post his actual birth certificate?

    Before you call someone a dum-dum, satyr9us, you should read the link, which is about his certificate of live birth and whether it is a forgery or not. It is not about his actual birth certificate.

    You can believe whateverthehell you want, mantis. If you don’t want to believe me, I could give a rats ass less.

    Look, my basic point is this: why is Obama spending, depending on the source, anywhere from $800k to $2 million to keep from releasing a $10 document? and apparently Gail Kerr is so moonbat that she is unwilling to allow people to ask questions. Beyond that, I will state, yet again, that I think he is a natural born citizen and eligible to be President.

    • mantis says:

      You can believe whateverthehell you want, mantis. If you don’t want to believe me, I could give a rats ass less.

      So you’re not going to tell us why the the verification of the Hawaii State Department of Health is insufficient? What a surprise.

      why is Obama spending, depending on the source, anywhere from $800k to $2 million to keep from releasing a $10 document?

      Once again, the Hawaii State Department of Health does not offer photocopies of original birth certificates, they offer certificates of live birth, which are enough proof for any purpose for which a citizen would. By insisting that Obama do something he cannot do, you clearly identify yourself as a dishonest person who is not at all interested in facts but is interested in keeping crazy conspiracy theories alive.

      Further, the dollar figures you cite are complete bullshit (which is no doubt why you don’t link to your “sources”). It takes very little work to file a motion to dismiss on lack of standing, and it’s certainly worth whatever little money has been spent to shut the conspiracy crazies down rather than legitimize their crap, especially considering he released the document long ago.

      apparently Gail Kerr is so moonbat that she is unwilling to allow people to ask questions.

      Explain to us exactly how Kerr is able to disallow other questions.

  14. William Teach,

    If I understand you correctly, the issue you have is that the paper provided says “Certification of Live Birth” rather than “Birth Certificate”. Is that the case?

    I can tell you that my son’s (I am a widower, that is why I have kids) document that I have ALWAYS called a “Birth Certificate” says “Certificate of Live Birth” on it. And I can tell you he was born in Oklahoma, because I witnessed it.

    Could this simply be a case of semantics?

    • Monk, the thing is, that COLB that is out there for Obama was printed recently. As mgordon points out, while he calls me moron :> , it says African as race. There are also indications that it was, in fact, printed in the last few years. I’d like to see something more original.

      But, similar to Duncan, I am not going to make a big deal out of this, and if we never see it, OK. This post was more about Gail Kerr calling people crazy for wanting proof of Obama’s birth, after 8 years of folks on the left going nut over everything Bush did. Such as the firing of the attorneys. Even if it was for political reasons, they served at the pleasure of the President of the USA.

  15. mgordon says:

    It sure wasn’t one based on 1961, as they would not have had the fathers race as “African-American” back then.

    Moron, he is listed as African.

  16. Duncan says:

    Personally, I don’t care about this Birth Certificate thing anymore. I think it is a moot point now that Obama is President. Even if it is true, this country doesn’t need the duly elected President torn from office on what would amount to a technicality (an EXTREME technicality at that. His father was a non-citizen, and his mom, a citizen, hadn’t resided in the U.S. from age 14 for 5 years, because she was 18 at the time of his birth, if he was not born on U.S. soil as claimed, and the law has since changed), however important to the overall Constitutional process it might be. I think that an actual, official birth certificate (as opposed to an ‘certificate of live birth’, if there is any substantial difference between the two) would indeed put this to rest, otherwise it just feeds the conspiracy theories. Ofcourse, I can’t believe the same people who badgered the evil Bush White House non-stop and believed that “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE” are now crying foul when The Oneâ„¢ is getting some of the Truther Treatmentâ„¢. Pot, say hello to Kettle.

    Plus, like some of the saner moonbats realized as they tried to impeach Bush, they’d end up with Darth Cheney, and then they’d really be whisked off the streets by men in black vans, just like in their fevered, drug-induced dreams. I might not like Obama, but DEAR LORD ABOVE could we actually stomach PRESIDENT Biden?

  17. manbearpig says:

    Nice use of the TM on ‘The One’, Duncan. That made me chortle.

  18. mantis says:

    Mantis, no, I want to see it.

    You have.

    Obama could have put it on-line a 6 months ago and ended this speculation.

    He did, yet the speculation continues. Shocking.

    Furthermore, a person can get a copy of their birth certificate from the State of Hawaii (

    Yeah, and you know what you get when you request that copy? A certificate of live birth. The form linked at Download Request For Certified Copy of Birth Record will get you the type of certificate that Obama has released. Or didn’t you notice there is no other birth record request on the Hawaii DOH site. You know why? Because there’s only one record they issue, the certificate of live birth. There are no other documents to request. You’re hanging your argument on an imaginary discrepancy. The site you point to gets you exactly what we have already seen. You are totally full of shit.

    As far as the money goes, that is the cost to fight the lawsuits that have been filed, including the one that went to the Supreme COurt.

    Says who? The voices in your head. You are totally full of shit.

  19. Flavor Flavius Julianus says:

    By God, I hope Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, and Truther-esque conspiracy theories are the future face of the GOP.

  20. ice9 says:

    My birth certificate is a “certificate of live birth”, as are all issued by Washington DC. That is the name of the document. In five minutes I determined that, as well as the fact that at least nine other states use the same terminology.

    I’ll be watching for your gracious retraction of at least the part of the argument in which “certificate of live birth” is somehow not equivalent to “birth certificate” in Hawaii.

    Anything other than a retraction or an evidenced counterclaim–in this case that Hawaii has two different documents on offer–would be conclusive proof that you are stupid or lying. I’d let you decide which.


  21. Mantis, he did NOT put his BC on line. He put a COLB that was printed within the last few years. NOT the same thing.

    A COBC would be the same thing, ice9, if it was from way back around when he was born, rather then one printed within the last few years which, strangely, showed up first at the Daily Kos. McCain put his BC out there: why can’t Obama? He could get a certified copy of his BC for a whopping $10 from the State of Hawaii.

  22. mantis says:

    Mantis, he did NOT put his BC on line. He put a COLB that was printed within the last few years. NOT the same thing.

    The original stays with the state, you idiot. They issue COLBs to people who request a copy. They don’t photocopy the original. What he posted is what they issue, from the very site you provided the url for. You are full of shit.

  23. mantis says:

    He could get a certified copy of his BC for a whopping $10 from the State of Hawaii.

    The COLB is the certified copy, you delusional twit.

  24. deane25 says:

    Give it up, mantis. They’re on a Moebius strip, they just keep on arriving where they started. Infinity plus.

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