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Say, I Thought The World Would Love Us With Barry In Charge?

No unicorns in Sweden Three supermarkets have been destroyed and a fourth damaged in central Sweden in what police say might have been a series of anti-American arson attacks. Ironically, the group they think is behind these arsons is Global Intifada, which is not composed of Muslims, but, in fact, far far far left Socialists […]

WP 2.7.1 Upgrade

Just upgraded to 2.7.1, didn’t really want to, but, it is supposed to trim down some of the coding to relieve some of the stress on the server. Oh, well, what is done is done. There is basically one thing I do not like: the add picture button is missing from the visual editor. Sure, […]

Obambi Seeks A New Assault Weapons Ban

I’ll be honest, I do not really see the point behind owning assault weapons as a private citizen, I seriously doubt there is going to be another revolution, but, see, there is that pesky 2nd Amendment thing, so, if you want one, Mr. I’m Was A Constitutional Professor wants to infringe on your Right The […]

AGW Today: Barry’s Cap ‘N Trade For Taxation Relief, Plus Others

If there is any measure that truly shows that the AGW movement is about generating free $$$ and the government controlling private industry, cap and trade is it. Found in the Wall Street Journal story about Obama’s proposed tax increases on “the rich” Aiding the other end of the income scale, the president’s budget plan would […]

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